Sunday, January 9, 2011

What I Learn?

i'm never a good student,
but sometimes i get to learn..

i learnt,
that when it's too hot in the summer,
u'll pray for a windv to ruffle your hair..

i learnt,
that when's it's too cold in winter,
u hope for a morning full with sun..
that sun ray feels like a blessing..

i learnt,
that after a year of not meeting your family,
all the more u prays for them..

i learnt,
that not being able to see your sister on her wedding day,
sometimes make u feel useless..
and what a selfish man are u..

but i learnt too,
than sleeping alone at night everyday,
sometimes u dreams of your girl..
but most of the time u dreams of your family..
and most of the most of the time u just pray to be close to them..

i learn,
that every class u go..
and every knowledge u get to learnt,
but imagination, u dont..
and how knowledge is just a tools to make your imagination a reality..
and sometimes u just need to dream more..

and more..

and more...

and more,,,

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